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Handmade collars, leads & bandanas for dogs!

About our Dog Collars & Leads

About our Dog Collars and Leads:

I am proud to make all of our collars and leads by hand, myself. Whilst they can be worn as everyday collars, they are all intended as fashion items or 'Sunday Best' collars for making your dog look their best on a special occasion.  They are made from reinforced fabric in a range of bright, colourful designs specially chosen to make your dog stand out from the crowd!

I own a Labrador who loves nothing more than wallowing in the deepest, muddiest, filthiest of puddles, for that reason his collars had always been cheap, functional and boring - mainly because no sooner did he have a new one, it was mud-streaked.  When I started making collars for him, it was so we could take him out to the pub or to meet friends in something bright and colourful rather than dirty and dull!

That said, we are well aware (from personal experience!) that accidents do happen (or husbands forget to change the collar!) so all of our collars and leads are machine washable and are treated with Scotchgard to help make them water & dirt resistant. 

Due to their handmade nature, each collar and lead is unique which means some variation in the positioning of a pattern on the finished product is possible.

A Guide to our Dog Collar Sizes:

Our collars come in a range of sizes to suit most breeds of dog, they are all adjustable, so the exact size can be altered to suit your own dog's neck.  The simplest way to measure the size of your dog's neck is to lay their current collar flat and measure from end to end, then choose the size below which best fits; if they fall between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger of the two.

  • Tiny - neck sizes from 7" to 11", collar width 1/2". Our smallest dog collar - suitable for the smallest toy & tiny breeds and those who prefer a very narrow collar
  • Extra Small - neck sizes from 7" to 11", collar width 5/8". Our 'regular' extra small collar - suitable for most standard-sized Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and other toy breeds
  • Extra Small Long - neck sizes from 10" to 15", collar width 5/8". A longer version of our regular Extra Small collar - the same width as Extra Small, but the length range of Small. Suitable for stockier and thick-necked toy breeds, or those who prefer a thinner collar for a small dog
  • Small - neck sizes from 10" to 15", collar width 3/4". Our regular 'small' collar - suitable for most West Highland Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Jack Russells, smaller Spaniels and similarly sized-breeds
  • Medium - neck sizes from 12" to 19", collar width 3/4". Suitable for most Vizslas, most Spaniels, Beagles and other similarly sized-breeds
  • Medium Wide - neck sizes from 12" to 18", collar width 1". A wider version of our regular Medium collar - the same width as a Large, but the length range of Medium. Suitable for those who prefer a wider collar for medium-sized breeds, small Labradors, large Spaniels and similar-sized dogs
  • Large - neck sizes from 15" to 24", collar width 1". Our standard large collar with a wide range of adjustment - suitable for most Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Boxers and similar breeds

Need an even larger collar? We also stock Extra Large clips which provide a 1.5" wide collar. We make these to order to suit your requirements, but a usual neck size range would be from 26" upwards making them suitable for most Great Danes, Mastiffs and other giant breeds.  If you would like to discuss

Collar Fittings: 

Our collars offer either tough, hard-wearing black plastic clips or strong metal clips made from heavy-duty diecast zinc.  Please note the metal clips are slightly heavier and therefore we usually recommend plastic clips for the smallest breeds.  All leads feature strong diecast zinc fittings.

Caring for your Collar and Lead:

All of our collars & leads are washable, the Classic range can be wash in the machine at 30 degrees - we recommend tying them inside a thick sock to protect your machine, then towel-dry the fastenings & D-ring, before laying flat to dry naturally. With our Liberty Collection to hand wash the collars and leads.

A Note about Safety:

Please note, that whilst we use strong, hard-wearing fittings, our collars and leads are made from fabric and are intended as fashion items - they therefore may not be suitable for dogs pull excessively whilst wearing their lead on their collar.  As with any collar, lead &/or harness combination all dog owners should always ensure they use equipment which is suited to their dog's strength and ability to walk comfortably to heel on the lead.  Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for any incidents that occur whilst any dog is wearing/using one of our collars or leads; if you feel they may not be suitable for your dog please consult with a dog trainer or behaviour professional before purchasing or using.