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Handmade collars, leads & bandanas for dogs!

The Black Dog Company Size Guide

Dog and Cat Collars:

Our collars come in a range of sizes to suit most breeds of dog and they are all adjustable, so the exact size can be altered to suit your own dog's neck.  The simplest way to measure the size of your dog's neck is to lay their current collar flat and measure from end to end, then choose the size below which best fits; if they fall between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger of the two.

Size Length (cm) Length (inches) Width (cm) Width (inches)
Cat Collar 18 - 30 cm 7 - 12" 1.3 cm 1/2"
Tiny Dog Collar 18 - 30 cm 7 - 11" 1.3 cm 1/2"
Extra Small Dog Collar 18 - 28 cm 7 - 11" 1.5 cm 5/8"
Extra Small Long Dog Collar 25 - 38 cm 10 - 15" 1.5 cm 5/8"
Small Dog Collar 25 - 38 cm 10 - 15" 2.0 cm 3/4"
Small Wide Dog Collar 25 - 38 cm 10 - 15" 2.5 cm 1"
Medium Dog Collar 28 - 48 cm 12 - 19" 2.0 cm 3/4"
Medium Wide Dog Collar 28 - 46 cm 12 - 18" 2.5 cm 1"
Large Dog Collar 38 - 56 cm 15 - 24" 2.5 cm 1"

We recommend you check the size of your own individual dog because even within the same breed there can be a significant variation in neck sizes, especially between males and females, but below is a guide to some of the more common size and breed combinations:

  • Cat Collars - suitable for most domestic breeds of cat
  • Tiny Dog Collars - our smallest dog collar, suitable for the smallest toy and tiny breeds and those who prefer a thin collar
  • Extra Small Dog Collars - suitable for most toy breeds, including most Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds and Yorkshire Terriers
  • Extra Small Long Dog Collars - the width of an Extra Small with the length of a Small - suitable for stockier toy breeds
  • Small Dog Collars - suitable for most smaller breeds, including most West Highland Terriers, standard Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers & Jack Russells
  • Small Wide Dog Collars - the length of a Small with the width of a Large - suitable for thicker-set small dogs and dogs at the larger end of the range of small collars, for example Border Terriers or smaller Cocker Spaniels
  • Medium Dog Collars - suitable for most medium-sized breeds, including most Vizslas, Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoos, Springer Spaniels, Labradoodles or smaller Labradors
  • Medium Wide Dog Collars - the length of a Medium with the width cut of a Large collar.  Suitable for thicker-set medium-sized dogs and dogs at the larger end of the range of medium collars, for example Airedale Terriers, Beagles, smaller Border Collies and larger Springer Spaniels
  • Large Dog Collars - suitable for most larger breeds, including most Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Boxers

Need an even larger collar? We also stock Extra Large clips which provide a 1.5" wide collar. We make these to order to suit your requirements, but a usual neck size range would be from 26" upwards making them suitable for most Great Danes, Mastiffs and other giant breeds.  If you would like to discuss potentially ordering one of these collars please contact us.

A Note about Dog Collar Safety:

Please note, that whilst we use strong, hard-wearing fittings, our collars and leads are made from fabric and are intended as fashion items - they therefore may not be suitable for dogs pull excessively whilst wearing their lead on their collar.  As with any collar, lead &/or harness combination all dog owners should always ensure they use equipment which is suited to their dog's strength and ability to walk comfortably to heel on the lead.  Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for any incidents that occur whilst any dog is wearing/using one of our collars or leads; if you feel they may not be suitable for your dog please consult with a dog trainer or behaviour professional before purchasing or using.

Collar and Lead Fittings:

Most of our collars come with a choice of either tough, hard-wearing black plastic clips or strong metal clips made from heavy-duty diecast zinc.  Please note:

  • Metal clips are slightly heavier than Plastic clips and therefore we normally recommend plastic clips for the smallest breeds or for puppies
  • For this reason all of our Extra Small Dog Collars come with plastic clips as standard, however metal clips are also available should you prefer  
  • All of our Cat Collars come with quick-release clips to ensure that should your cat get caught in bushes or branches, the collar will come undone allowing the cat to escape
  • All of our Dog Leads feature strong diecast zinc fittings to enable them to be clipped to your dogs' collar or harness

Dog Bandana Sizes:

Our Dog Bandanas are designed to be worn over your dogs' collar - simply slide the collar through the opening in the bandana. If intending to wear your bandana with your dog's existing collar please use the table below to check it will fit the opening before ordering.  As the bandana sits on the collar, it does not necessarily need to reach all the way around your dog's neck.  Choice of size is therefore, within reason, more a matter of personal preference than with collars and many dogs can potentially wear two sizes, but if between sizes we recommend choosing the smaller of the two in order to avoid the fabric bunching.

Size Width Drop (height) Opening approx.
Extra Small 4.5 in 4.0 in 1.5 in
Small 6.5 in 5.0 in 1.5 in 
Medium 8.5 in 6.0 in 2.0 in
Large 10.5 in 8.0 in 3.0 in


  • Extra Small Bandanas can be worn with our Extra Small or Small Dog Collars
  • Small Bandanas can be worn with our Small and Medium Dog Collars
  • Medium Bandanas can be worn with our Medium, Medium Wide and Large Dog Collars
  • Large Bandanas can be worn with our Medium, Medium Wide, Large and Extra Large Dog Collars