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Handmade collars, leads & bandanas for dogs!

23 Jan '20

Koalas for WIRES Collection

Posted by Louise Sutherland in Charity, Handmade Dog Collars, New Products
Although I was was born and grew up in New Zealand, when I was little we went to live in a mining town in North West Australia. We were there for five years, I had the time of my life, and I consider I was so lucky as a child to have that opportunity. We lived on the edge of town the outback was at the end of our garden, and sometimes the wildlife was literally on the door step, probably a bit too close for my mum’s liking with having a fearless tom-boy! We often had Goannas (Large Lizards), Snakes and Pelicans appear in our garden. We even had a Joey stay the night in a pillow case on the back of a chair, until a Wildlife Officer collected it the next day, my Dad came across a dead Kangaroo on the side of the road and he checked its pouch.
My heart has been breaking for all the people and animals that have suffered over the last couple of months with the Australian Wildfires, and although we as a family have made donations to WIRES  I wanted to be able to do more. When I saw that one of my fabric suppliers had a very cute Koala fabric the idea came to me - I needed to make some Koala products in aid of WIRES.
So introducing our Koalas for WIRES Collection - Koala Dog Collars, Treat & Poo Bag Holders and Bow Ties! They are available in two colours - cream and mint. 
For every product sold from the Koala range we will donate 20% of the cost to WIRES to help them to continue caring for all the animals that need it.
You can check out the Koala collection in aid of WIRES www.theblackdogcompany.co.uk/collections/koalas-for-wires-collection
24 Jan '16

Introducing our Cat Collar range.

Posted by Louise Sutherland in Handmade Cat Collars, New Products, News

We are delighted to introduce our all new handmade Cat Collars which are made from many of the same fabrics as our popular dog collars including Liberty of London print fabric, along with a few specially chosen designs, especially for our feline friends!  

These collars featuring quick release clasps that will pull undone if your cat gets caught on a bush or branch and a removable bell, these collars are ideal for any style conscious cat, whether out for a night on the prowl or curled up on the sofa.

As with our dog collars, all of our cat collars are handmade by us, here at The Black Dog Company.


20 Jan '16

Introducing our Dog Bow Tie Range

Posted by Louise Sutherland in New Products, News

Our brand new Dog Bow Ties are a fun way to add a touch of style and class to your dog's outfit whether for a special occasion or just to stand out from the crowd around town.

Initially launching with eight different designs, the bow ties are made from the some of our most popular fabrics for dog collars, leads and bandanas, to enable the creation of co-ordinated matching sets.

They are however, for sale individually and can be worn with any collar - they attach to the collar via an elastic loop.

With Burns Night nearly upon us, we're also delighted to introduced two new tartan styles to our range! Bow Ties are now available in the popular Royal Stewart and Black Watch tartans - ideal for all Scottish dogs and Scottish dog breeds!

If you have brought a collar and would like to have a Bow Tie to match, but can't see it please email us and we will let you know what we can do.