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22 Jan '17

The Adventures of the Black Dog - when he came home looking more like a Chocolate than a Black Lab!

Posted by Arran Sutherland in Adventures, Labrador, Mud, The Black Dog

As many of you may already know, the Black Dog loves the 'occasional' spot of mud, or more particularly to roll in the muddiest, filthiest puddles he can find - however yesterday he surpassed even his own best efforts with this 'classic' whilst out for a walk in the woods.

Would you want to take this dog home in your car?

As we were on a day out with one of our friends and not on one of our regular walks, we also had no idea if there were any ponds or streams nearby to wash him off (the usual course of action when mud is involved) so we faced the prospect of him not even having to go in our car in that state, but our friends' car!

Thankfully a small stream was found at the end of the walk and a combination of that, some old towels and his Ruff & Tumble drying coat kept the worst of it out of our friends' boot!